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1) Complete the online form and follow the directions as prompted.
2) You will need to submit a 500-750word essay. The essay should address the following questions:
a. State your goal(s). How will this degree advance your goals? What are your plans after graduation?
b. What is your motivation for applying for this particular scholarship? Elaborate on your commitment to the Greek and Chian culture and connection to the Community, and your plans/vision on how this community can remain vibrant and active. 
c. The scholarship application process is competitive. The essay is one of the most important parts of your application. It is your opportunity to “speak” to the Scholarship Selection Committee, and to make your application stand out above others. When writing your essay, consider how you might describe your plans while maintaining an academic or scholarly perspective. Make sure to proof read and that it is grammatically correct.
3) You will need two (or more) letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf:
a. A letter of recommendation from a teacher, academic advisor, or other officer of an academic institution.
b. A letter of recommendation from a community leader who has known you for a minimum of two years, and/or a letter from an employer, and/or a letter from an officer of a non-profit organization indicating community service or volunteer services.
c. Make sure you have discussed your study plan and goals with the individual providing the letter of recommendation before submitting his/her name on your application. 
4) Applications must be submitted on time and be complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered


Last name_________________________________ First name_______________________

Date of birth ________________ E-mail address ___________________________________


Address______________________________________________Apt. no. ______________

City___________________State____________ Zip code _______ Country: _____________

Day phone (_________________________Cell phone (___________________________



List first and last name (or names), relationship to you, and village/town they came from, of family member(s) who are from Chios: 


Please check one of the following:

A. _____ I have been accepted to study at:

Institution Name: ______________________________________________________

Institution (Full) Address:  _______________________________________________

Name of Degree: ______________________________________________________

​​(Please indicate full name of degree, i.e. AA or BA in….,or MS in….)

      First Semester of Study: ___________________________________

​​​​(Please indicate month and year)

B. _____I have been studying at this institution:

Institution Name: _____________________________________________________

Institution (Full) Address:  ________________________________________________

Name of Degree: ____________________________________________________

​​​(Please indicate full name of degree, i.e. AA or BA in…., or MS in….)

Number of Credits Earned To-date __________Cumulative GPA ________


Expected Graduation Date: _________________________________

​​​​​     (Please indicate month and year)

Finalists must be available to participate in an interview with the Chian Federation Scholarship Committee, upon request.


I certify that the information provided in this application is true and accurate.

______________________________  ________________

Applicant Signature ​​​   Date