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The Helen Chiotes Scholarship Fund is generously funded by Ms. Helen Chiotes, an extensive philanthropist, and staunch advocate and supporter of major US/Hellenic and Orthodox causes; and recipient of the Chian Federation’s 38th Homeric Award. 

The Chian Federation is grateful to Ms. Chiotes for this generous donation and pledges to honor the Chiotes name and family by selecting stellar individuals to benefit from this scholarship, who will also become great members of our community and emulate Ms. Chiotes example of charity and caring.

The Helen Chiotes Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to students of Chian descent who are,

• Living in the United States and have been accepted to study in the United States for their baccalaureate or master’s degree, in an accredited academic institution.
• Living in Greece and have been accepted to a Greek higher education institution*.
• Living in Greece and have been accepted to study in an institution in the United States

Eligible candidates must demonstrate both financial need and academic merit, and be in good standing in their current academic institutions and in their communities. 

Applications for funds should be on a semester basis. 

* All scholarships must be compliant with IRS tax laws for scholarships. Our first and foremost goal is to preserve the tax deductibility of our donors whole donation. Therefore, we reserve the right to add requirements at anytime to protect the scholarship as necessary. This will particularly effect all foreign students applying to colleges abroad who will need to qualify not only themselves, but help us qualify the institution they will be attending as well. Therefore, it will be necessary to contact the office and inquire what additional information will be necessary prior to applying


Funds will be awarded on an annual basis and will be submitted directly to the applicant’s academic institution for tuition relief. 

Three to five scholarships will be awarded annually.

Each scholarship amount will range from $1,000 to $5,000.

**The number of scholarships awarded and the amount available to be awarded may vary from year to year. 


• Scholarship award recipients will be known as the Helen Chiotes Scholars. 
• Applicants selected for a scholarship must meet the following conditions before an award is made. If any of the conditions are not met, the scholarship award will be forfeited.
• Applicants must provide proof of good academic standing at the time of application.
• Applicants must commit to participate in a minimum of one Chian Federation event, and make a presentation, or participate in a discussion pertaining to their studies (in person or virtually). 


1) Please complete the online form and follow the directions as prompted.
2) You will need to submit a 500-750 word essay. The proposal should address the following questions:
a. State your goal(s). How will this degree advance your goals? What are your plans after graduation?
b. What is your motivation for applying for this particular scholarship? Elaborate on your connection to the Chian Community, and your plans/vision on how this community can remain vibrant and active. 
c. The scholarship application process is competitive. The essay is one of the most important parts of your application. It is your opportunity to “speak” to the Scholarship Committee, and to make your application stand out above others. When writing your essay, consider how you might describe your plans while maintaining an academic or scholarly perspective. Make sure to proof read and that it is grammatically correct.
3) You will need a letter of recommendation from a faculty, academic advisor, or other officer of an academic institution; and a letter of recommendation from a community leader who has known you for a minimum of two years (optional). Make sure you have discussed your study plan and goals with the individual providing the letter of recommendation before submitting his/her name on your application. 


• The application period opens on March 1 and closes at midnight on May 15
• The Helen Chiotes Scholarship Selection Committee will review all applications and consider the merit of the applicants’ financial need, academic achievement, application essay, and recommendation(s). Scholarship decision letters will be send electronically before May 29. 

Applications must be submitted on time and be complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

For additional information, please contact the Chian Federation office 

at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 718-204-2550.