Blue Flower

As you may be aware, the Chian Federation was one of the first Greek-American organizations to take advantage of the communication opportunies the World Wide Web offered in the distant 1993. Since then, there have been several iterations of the Chian Federation's Home on the Internet utilizing newer technologies as the internet and the tools matured. Over the years the website at has hosted many articles and news regarding Chios and the Chian Federation with a very high visitor count. This last fact also made the site a target for hackers, several times over the years. The latest attempt was this week where the site was infected to the point of being easier to rebuild than spent countless hours to clean all the files. We have been working on a new version of the web site for a while scheduled to be introduced at the end of June. The hacking incident has forced us to introduce the new website before it was quite complete. Over the next several days we will be making changes to the new site adding new features and functionality while adding as much of the content of the previous site. We hope all features to be available and working by early June.


In the meantime, please excuse the dust.